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Technical Hands on Training Skills:

We hereby introduce to you a project founded by SROP INTERNATIONAL which is aimed to train school going children in day to day technical skills required in their daily life. This training is aimed at enriching the young generation with knowledge that they need to transform substances in their natural environment into sustainable outputs that are useful in their daily life. 

The training will encompass teaching of students how they can use the natural environment to make products that add income to their families and also grow their entreprenual abilities and skills that will help them be more competitive in the global economy and job industry. 

In this training students will be encouraged to join the entreprenual club that will be formed in the school and they will be able to make products and sell them to the outside world as a school club and to use the proceeds to fund school activities such as school farms and gardens which will be there main source of raw materials. 

  • Products to be tought will include;
  • Making sanitary pads from papyrus
  • Making  raw material used to produce Soaps from Banana peelings
  • Making  pesticides and fertilizers from trees and grasses
  • Making Cosmetics from local herbs and fruits  
  • Making Juices
  • Making animal feeds
  • Making tooth pastes from thatch grass
  • Plastic recycling
  • Making Chalks
  • And Food value additional
Your school will be entitled to the following benefits:-
  • Your school will be able to produce fully packaged students with both theory class training and practical entreprenual skills.
  • SROP INTERNATIONAL will help your school set up a school farm if it’s not in existence and monitor its activities to ensure that your school farm becomes one of the leading demonstration farms in the country.
  • Your school will be in position to join the manufacturing and production industry in the country as it will be able to produce farm produce and also farm bi-products that can be sold to other producers.
  • Your students will be able to organise exhibition shows where they can showcase the skills they have learnt and the Products they can produce as a result of the training.
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