Sam lectures students about making products from local material

About two weeks ago I invited Sam Ssegirinya, the Executive Director of an NGO called Save the Rural Out of Poverty, to come and speak at our school. And he came! I organized a school assembly that day beginning at 2pm. I opened up the assembly by emphasizing the importance of the presentation they were about to see. I introduced Sam and told the students a little bit about his organization. Sam then got up and gave his presentation.

Basically his organization revolves around mobilizing rural youth to create products from local materials. Some examples would be creating paraffin from bamboo, perfume from flowers and grass, baking flour from raw cassava, sanitary pads from papyrus, plastic utensils from plastic waste, etc.

These are products these students can produce with little or no capital investment. The NGO then buys the products from the students and sells them to the wider EACM (East African Common Market-Wikipedia it yo!, it’s pretty cool). And of course the students can sell them locally.

I absolutely love and support this idea because it is consistent with our fundamental nature as human beings. These students want to build a better life for themselves. And this gives them one avenue where they can potentially generate some income and maybe afford a higher education once they graduate as S4s. Moreover, it requires their labor, their input, their time, and their investment to create a tangible, valuable item to be sold to a viable market. It is not something that is just given to them.... ReadMore