Save the Rural Out of Poverty

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Save the Rural Out of Poverty (SROP) is an international organisation based in Uganda.

It does not require for you to have a university degree or diploma to walk from poverty to prosperity. And you don't have to live in the city. Wherever you are, whatever you do, all you need is to take interest, pay attention to what we teach and consult us where you need help. The most important thing is your desire to change your situation to succeed. 

That is why we aim to reach out to all the people in all the districts of Uganda to provide the skills needed to make, among other things, the following products:-


Bosman Vanzaal in partnership with Greenport Holland with the aim of supporting farmers of Srop International organised a farmers training workshop to equip Ugandan farmers with advanced skills in farming using Green houses.

The workshop took place in Rwanda in a district called Rulindo located in the northen province at Mr. Jean Claude Ruzibiza farm called Rwanda Best.

The workshop was also attended by Vice mayor in charge of economic development Mr. Mulindwa Prosper.

Norbert van der Straaten, projectleader SMART project, tought Srop farmers about the importance of improved seeds, integrated pest management, hygiene, fertilization, water management, smart greenhouses and training to achieve the next level in protected horticulture.

The team from Uganda was led by Ssegirinya Sam the Executive Director of Srop International.

Norbert van der Straaten and Srop International will develop in 2016 the introduction of SMART horticulture in Uganda.