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SROP International gives an opportunity to University Scholars and those who could help rural farmers to transform the activity to advanced level, from European Countries, Australia, South America and North America who would like to carry out research concerning the agricultural sector.

Scholars do carry out research through volunteering in the organisation’s activities (SROP INT’L) but with the period ranging from two – three months.

In this system, SROP International helps Volunteers (University Scholars) with Shelter and transporting them to different farms all over the country.

The system does not discriminate Religion, Tribe and Sex, as long as you entered Uganda legally.

This opportunity is given to a Student who has advanced knowledge about 

  • Farming
  • Value addition
  • Livestock farming
  • Processing of organic  herbs and medicine from grasses and trees

It's recommended to send us your request in two months period before.

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